Eaglebirdiepar is a blog dedicated to the great game of golf, its players and followers around the world. Setup by myself Matt Adams – a Sports Journalism graduate from Staffordshire University – over the coming weeks and months I will be writing about all aspects of the sport, from the four majors to junior participation.

I’ve been interested in golf since the age of five, when I received my first set of clubs from my father. I played sporadicly as a junior, but took up the game seriously almost ten years ago. I’ve been a member of Leek Golf Club for five years and have a current handicap of 16 as well as my clubs.

Since playing on a more regular basis I have become more fascinated with our great game. My fascination does not just stem from watching the majors, I enjoy reading magazines, articles and blogs about various topics. I’ve also become a fascinated about golf’s history from it’s early beginnings and how the sport has become so popular all over the world!

My mission on these pages is inform, educate, preview, review and debate about any current issues within the game.

So happy reading and feel free to leave any comments to add to the debate!


All pictures used are done using the creative commons licence.